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Liuzhou High School

Liuzhou High School


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Introduction to Liuzhou High School

Founded in 1907, Liuzhou High School (柳州高中, website) is the earliest government-run school in the city, and the first batch of key middle schools in Guangxi and the first batch of demonstration ordinary high schools.

In order to meet the needs of the masses of people for high-quality high school education, with the support and deployment of the Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the school has further expanded the scale of running schools, and has now formed a modern high school with two campuses. The campuses of the two campuses reflect each other and have their own characteristics: the high-tech campus has a modern atmosphere, and the Liunan campus is simple and elegant.

The school has a total of 541 faculty members, including 2 doctors, 7 special-grade teachers, 3 senior teachers, 136 senior teachers, and 187 graduate teachers.


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