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Harbin No. 3 High School

Harbin No. 3 High School


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Introduction to Harbin No. 3 High School

Harbin No. 3 High School (哈尔滨第三中学) is a key provincial middle school in Heilongjiang, an advanced collective for moral education in primary and secondary schools nationwide, and a civilized unit in the country. There are two campuses in Nangang campus (old campus) and Qunli campus (new campus).

The school was founded by the supervisor Wang Jingchun in October 1923, and was originally named the Middle East Railway Education School. Later changed its name to Songjiang Provincial Second Middle School. In 1964, it was officially named Harbin Third Middle School.

Harbin No. 3 High School has two campuses: Nangang Campus (Old Campus) and Qunli Campus (New Campus). There are 92 teaching classes with more than 3500 students.


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