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Introduction to Guangzhou No.2 High School

Guangzhou No.2 High School (广州市第二中学, website), was founded in 1930. It was rated as a key middle school in Guangzhou in 1956. It was rated as the first batch of provincial first-level schools in Guangdong in 1994. In 2007, it passed the acceptance of a national model high school in Guangdong Province. The school is now a complete middle school and is a class A school directly under the Guangzhou Education Bureau.

The Guangzhou No.2 High School Junior High School campus is located on Yingyuan Road in Yuexiu District, with the beautiful Yuexiu Mountain in the north and the magnificent Zhongshan Memorial Hall in the south. The campus environment is elegant. In September 2005, the school was established as a high school campus in the Science City of Guangzhou Economic Development Zone. The high school campus is adjacent to the administrative center of the development zone, and there is Beiming Lake formed by the collection of natural spring water. The campus covers an area of 300 acres, and another 208 acres of new curriculum development base (including radio direction finding training base, science popularization inspection base, art display base, psychological counseling expansion base, biological park, geographic park, etc.). The campus has a natural atmosphere, a reasonable architectural layout, a magnificent atmosphere, complete learning, living and sports facilities. The design scale is 60 teaching classes and can accommodate 3,000 teachers and students. It is a modern first-class full boarding school.

There are 88 classes in the school, with 3,931 students and 372 faculty members. The teaching team is dedicated to work and superb business, including 100 senior teachers, 1 provincial special teacher, 8 municipal teachers and backbone teachers, 3 provincial principals and prestigious teacher studio host, provincial and municipal education There are 10 experts and famous teachers, and 15 national, provincial and municipal key teachers and famous class teachers.

Guangzhou No.2 High School has long been at the forefront of the Guangzhou City and college entrance examinations. The work of the junior high school graduation class has always won the first prize in Guangzhou. Since the opening of the high school campus, the annual college entrance examination score has been greatly improved compared with the entrance score, and the training ability is among the best in similar schools. In 2013, the pass rate for key undergraduates in the college entrance examination exceeded 66%; 10 students entered the top 100 in the province’s liberal arts and sciences, 6 students were admitted to Tsinghua University, and 4 students were admitted to Peking University; in October of the same year, the school was directly under Guangzhou The school was the first to obtain the recommendation qualification of Peking University’s “Recommended Name System for Middle School Principals”. In 2015, the pass rate of key undergraduates in the college entrance examination exceeded 85%. 4 students were ranked in the top 40 of the province’s total score of science, 2 students were ranked in the top 100 of the province’s liberal arts, 4 students were admitted to Peking University, and 1 student was accepted by Tsinghua University admissions, 248 students were admitted to “985” colleges and universities, and continue to maintain their dominant position in municipal schools. Disciplinary competitions have achieved outstanding results. Informatics and physics Olympiads have been frequently reported. Many students such as Deng Yuan and Huang Houjun won the first prize in the country. Many were entrusted to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and other famous universities;

Due to its outstanding school performance, the school’s influence and reputation have been increasing, and it has been hailed by the society as a “historical famous school and a cradle of talents.”


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