Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University

Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University


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Introduction to Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University

The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学附属实验中学, ESBNU, website) is a key school which has gained considerable fame in China. It is an experimental base for instituting the teaching re-forms of the Ministry of Education and Beijing Normal University, as well as a cradle for training outstanding middle school students from all parts of China.

The school motto, “honesty, sincerity, strictness, truth seeking and pioneering”, is a guiding principle for teachers and students.

Founded in 1917, this school was formerly known as the “Girls’ High School Attached to Beijing Normal University.” Since its establishment, the school has consistently enjoyed a high reputation throughout the country for its “strict approach in pursuing studies.” Bred in this venerable domicile of learning were many celebrities, such as leading scientists Hao Yichun (academician to the Chinese Academy), Hun Queen (former vice-president of China Science Institute) and Lu Shijia, female journalists Pu Xixiu and Chen Baisheng, as well as woman general Nie Li and female artist Xiao Shufang. Well-known Chinese scholars and educators such as Ma Yinchu, Chen Jinmin, Fu Zhongsun, Cheng Chuntai, Min Sihe and Hu Jieqing used to teach in this school. Since the advent of new China, the school has gained consistent and warm support from generations of the Central Communist Party of China (CCPC) and the central government leaders. Comments on a girl student’s diary by Mao Zedong, former Chairman of CCPC and President of the country; inscriptions of other high central governmental officials such as Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yun, Li Peng and Li Lanqin; inspections and instructions in school activities from well-known statesmen Deng Yingchao, Peng Zhen, He Long, Chen Yi and Nie Rongzhen, have all added to her brilliant coloring. On the 80th anniversary celebration, President Jiang Zemin wrote his inscription, ‘Implement the Party’s educational policy, deepen the educational reform, and develop a unique schooling feature.’

In 1984 this school pioneered curriculum reform in Beijing. The Chinese textbooks compiled by the school teachers were approved by the Ministry of Education and are now used nationwide. In 1995 with the permission of the Beijing Educational Commission, a further curriculum reform was initiated with the first year students of senior high schoo1. The revised curriculum includes required subjects, specialized courses, elective courses and extracurricular activities. In this way the students can fully develop their personal interests, so as to demonstrate the extended educational function.

In 1983 the reform project in moral education was established. The newly structured model system was based on students’ self-management, and also students were given more freedom to attend a variety of activities in this area.

In 1996 the school began to exploit a new model of running a school. Based on this policy, the first joint-venture high school named Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada was successfully established. With the permission of the government, a private-under-government-support school, called the Branch of Experimental Middle School Attached to Beijing Normal University, and another private school, Bei Luyuan Branch of Experimental Middle School Attached to Beijing Normal University were also established.

In 1993 the Ministry of Education decided that this school set up a special science class comprised of students from all over the country. They are required to study here for three years. Applicants should be junior middle school graduates who are the top ten students in maths and physics competitions in their provinces. These students will complete the required courses in a far shorter amount of time than the regular classes, offered an opportunity for professors and other specialized teachers to instruct them during their third year. These students are also given more freedom to choose their own subject matter. All the students in the experimental classes are enrolled into universities upon graduation without having to take the entrance examinations. Up till now, 13 of the students have received top level academic awards in international competitions. 94 students have received awards in the state competitions, and 1054 students have received awards in the Beijing competitions. With such great achievements, the school was exempted from the State Examinations set for senior graduates by Beijing Education Commission. (Only two privileged schools in Beijing)

“The research for advancement and excellence” is our principle. We hope every student will develop fullest potential and achieve the highest possible success. In the past, many outstanding students were able to go to leading universities and colleges and since 1993 one hundred percent of the graduating class have been accepted to tertiary education. Among them about ninety percent entered key universities and colleges, with about twenty six percent enrolled in Qinghua University and Beijing University. Every year about ten students are selected by dozens of universities without taking entrance examinations. The Experimental Middle School has been named as an advanced school known for its well rounded education, conscientious teaching, strict approach in pursuing studies and harmonious atmosphere amongst the faculty.

All the teaching staff have met the state academic requirements. Young and middle-aged teachers occupy 63.2% of the staff. Over thirty teachers are city or district head-teachers in their particular subjects and some are heads of associations in their fields. In recent years, they have been involved in seven educational research projects at State or Education Ministry levels, and over a hundred research works have been published. Hundreds of these have been published in the state and city magazines. Many of these have received top awards in the district. In 2000, the school was evaluated as “the Advanced School in Research of Educational Science.”

There is a strong focus on physical education and students’ health. The school has been recognized as a front line leader in the area of sports achievement and in the promotion of clinical and hygiene services. The female volleyball team and track team are known as the best teams in Beijing. With the reform of PE courses, required subjects and specialized courses were charged with a successful result. In 2000 the school was awarded a gold medal for the best promotion of students’ health.

The school is also a window to the world. She has received many awards for promotion of international exchanges. Mr. Al Gore, the former vice president of the United States of America paid a visit to the school. Mrs. Annan, wife of Mr. Kofi Annan who acts as Secretary General of the United Nations came to visit this school. In the past ten years two hundred and twenty-six staff members and about two hundred students have studied at or visited schools in America, Canada, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, South Africa and North Korea. Besides, the school has sister schools, such as the Hong Kong-based Chinese International School and American Milton Academy in Boston, USA. The school has been recognized several times for its excellent international exchange programs.

The Experimental Middle School Attached to Beijing Normal University is a school which adheres to strict approach to teaching in a harmonious and open atmosphere. In the wake of the new millennium, this school will grasp any possible opportunity to seek high developments in the field of educational reform. A new system of running the school will be established to meet the needs of a socialist economic marketing system. And based on this system, we will create a new school management structure, with a focus on task implementation, teaching quality, all for the benefit of society.


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