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Dongguan Foreign Language School


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Introduction to Dongguan Foreign Language School

Dongguan Foreign Language School (DFLS, 东莞外国语学校) is a twelve-year public school directly under the Dongguan Education Bureau and a pilot school for comprehensive education reform in the city. At present, there are 36 classes in the sixth grade of the elementary school, 24 classes in the third grade of the junior high school, and 24 classes in the third grade of the high school. There are about 3500 students in the school.

Beautiful campus environment: The school covers a total area of 190 acres, looks south at Huangqi Xiufeng, and is adjacent to Huying Park, Xinghe City and East City Wanda Plaza. The campus is full of green trees, flowers and birds, and the scenery is pleasant.

In addition to the conventional function field, the school also has a modern student activity center, student TV station, student broadcasting center, foreign teacher speaking room, teacher book bar, maker space, cooking room, etc. Teaching in small and medium classes is carried out, with spacious classrooms and dormitories, all equipped with air conditioning.

The school now has 2 national-level teachers, 1 provincial-level teacher, 11 provincial-level teachers, 6 city master studio host, 22 academic leaders, 35 city experts and backbone teachers, 10 foreign teachers, Specially-known experts, social celebrities, etc. also serve as school-based course teachers.

The school regards foreign language advantage as an important feature of the school, uses foreign original English textbooks, and hires excellent foreign teachers as foreign language teachers. The school develops a variety of school-based courses based on social development and student interests. It offers second foreign languages such as Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish, as well as cooking, fencing, golf, wind orchestra, agricultural planting, mechanical woodworking, speech and eloquence, etc. More than 100 school-based elective courses.

Comprehensive international exchanges: The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ international perspectives. Every year, we regularly receive teachers and students from the United States, Germany, France, South Korea and other countries, and organize our students to communicate with them.


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