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Introduction to Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School

Being one of the earliest accredited, biggest and most high-achieving foreign languages schools in Sichuan province and one of the first exemplary schools and one of the 23 prominent foreign languages schools in China, Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School (CEFLS, 成都市实验外国语学校, website) is a nationwide famous foreign languages school directly attached to the Education Bureau of Chengdu Municipality.

Located at No. 489 East Section of Huadu Avenue, Wenjiang District of Chengdu and with easy access to Phoenix Road North Section Station of Metro Line 4, the school covers an area of 248 acres, with 240,000 square meters of construction area. Boasting agreeable environment and magnificent layout, the school is equipped with modern facilities, making IT based learning possible. As a boarding school, our school offers favorable learning and living conditions for the students. With a junior high school, senior high school and an international division, CEFLS now has an enrollment of approximately 7000 students in about 129 classes (including 79 junior classes and 50 senior classes) with over 700 staff members and offers the study of three foreign languages including English, German and French.

Under Principal Mr Wang Jianwei’s leadership, with the firm belief that the ultimate goal of education is to motivate students’ potential and to lay a solid foundation for the individual, comprehensive and long-term development of the students, the school now operates with “Student-oriented” concept and the core principle of the “Harmonious Integration and Development of the Students, the Teachers and the School”, aiming to foster all-round talents with good conduct, excellent physical and mental health, outstanding academic performance, exceptional foreign language competence, splendid innovation and broad international visions, essential to meet up the challenges in the 21st century. CEFLS is fully committed to making the school a high-achieving, distinctive, exemplary, modern and international first-rate foreign languages school in China.

In recent years, the school has achieved remarkable success in teaching. The test results of the entrance examinations for both senior high school and college have continuously topped the list of the schools in Chengdu. The key high schools rate of senior high school entrance examination reached 82%, and the rate of students admitted to universities was 100% in 2018, with 97% for the key university rate. CEFLS deems it a great pleasure to be presented the award of Making Special Contribution to Education Quality six times and the award of Achieving Exceptional Education Quality every single year by the Education Bureau of Chengdu Municipality. Being well-rounded, the students have excelled in contests of various subjects such as foreign languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and physical education, demonstrating outstanding comprehensive competence. CEFLS students stand out with such attributes as being fluent in at least one foreign language, showing incredible humanistic quality with amazing agility in science subjects and a broad global vision.

A considerable number of students in our school have been the top scorer in the College Entrance Exams in Sichuan province (1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2017) and in Chengdu (2006, 2011, 2014) since the first group of senior high school students graduated in 1999, creating a noticeable group of “Champions”. Ranking among top 20 middle schools in China recognized by Tsinghua University, CEFLS has been a base for offering steady streams of excellent students for Peking University, Qinghua University and Hong Kong University, the Chinese University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University with nearly 200 students admitted to these highly prestigious universities in the recent years. The school is presented with other honorable titles such as Exemplary School For P.E. and Counseling. In 2017, the school was accredited to be partner school of Shanghai Harvard Students Activity Center apart from being the Base School for offering outstanding students for the 15th National Creative Writing Competition, the League of 7 Institutions Attached to Industry and Information Ministry and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

CEFLS students have been admitted to highly prestigious universities home and abroad, which, among others, include Harvard University, Yale University, University of Oxford, Princeton University and Humboldt State University. In the past five years, over 200 students have been admitted to overseas universities. Fan Yunqiu, was presented with the ADDA Scholarship for her outstanding performance in German study, making her the first student to win the award in Southwest China as one of the 6 students who won the honour that year in the whole of China. In 2017, another student Liao Fuxiao from Year 2014 became the second recipient of the high honour. In 2015, one of the world’s most competitive scholarships Rhodes Scholarships, referred to as the Nobel Prize for college graduates, opened its door to Chinese candidates. Zhang Wanyu, a former student who graduated in 2012 from CEFLS and received education in Peking University Law School was among the four fortunate recipients, enjoying a scholarship of 480 thousand RMB a year for further studies at University of Oxford. In 2018, Zhang Wanyu, being the only recipient from China, excelled among 20 candidates across the world and won the Stanford Hennessy scholarship.

As a foreign languages school, the school’s prominent achievements in special features deserve celebration. The recent years have witnessed outstanding performance of the students in National English Speech Contest for Middle School Students, “CCTV Star of Outlook English Talent Competition”, National English Reading Skills Contest for Middle School Students, National English Competence Competition for Middle School Students and TOEFL, German Olympic Speech Contest and International German DSD1 and Textbook Recording. To cater for the country’s needs for multilingual talents, the first German class, starting from senior one, in southwest China was opened in our school in September, 2006. A German class and French class were initiated in Junior one In September 2017. A multilingual class, namely students with German plus English study and students with French plus English study started in Junior one in September 2011. And a class of senior one students with zero knowledge of German and English study was opened in 2017. The Belt and Road Initiative has offered new prospects for the further development of foreign languages teaching in our school. The school is committed to exploring new approaches to bettering multiple languages learning environment including introducing Japanese, Russian and Spanish so as to satisfy the needs for prominent talents proficient in multiple languages.

To enhance foreign exchange and communication, our school has established close connections with a number of high schools in such foreign countries as the U. S. A, Germany, France, Switzerland and Singapore. Visits between the schools have improved friendship, broadened horizons, gained the advanced concepts and enhanced the overall effectiveness of education. Up till now, our school has fixed visits and friendly relationships with seven high schools from these countries, with two in the U. S. A, two in Germany, one in Switzerland, one in France, and one in Singapore. In March 2016, our school was authorized by the Chengdu Education Bureau as the exemplary school aiming to be internationalized.
Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School is widely acclaimed by the students, their parents and society for the perfect learning environment, first-rate teaching staff, effective management and high quality of education. With the great belief “being as good as if no better than competitors in history” and the resolution “being a worthy and decent competitor in the future”, each and every member of the whole school will continue to be strong and resilient, to remain aggressive, to seek truth and to pursue excellence being united as one, constantly striving for better, always attached to CEFLS and fully committed to a brighter future.


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