Foreign Teachers Working at WUST City College


English Teacher – Christopher

When I was born in 1960,an article appeared in National Geographic about China. It announced that “every fourth child born today is Chinese.” I was my father’s fourth child, so one could safely say that perhaps it is my “destiny” to be here in China. I’ve spent a total of almost 12 years here and I’ve taught every level of Chinese student, from kindergarten up to college, university and adults. I love being here at City College and feel really appreciated. The youthful energy I see and feel every day is wonderful.


Spanish Teacher – David

My name is David. I’m 37 years old, from Barcelona, Spain. I love the architecture of Barcelona; so I chose Technical Architectures my major when I was an undergraduate.

My hobbies are travelling and surfing. I also enjoy studying Psychology, Science and Art.

Since I was young, I have dreamed of becoming a teacher in anniversary. I love teaching and communicating with students. This is why I work here and become a Spanish teacher. My current job goal is to improve my teaching performance year by year. If my performance remains the same every year, it means it’s not good enough and I should do much better.

I love China, because it’s a very beautiful country. The thing that I love the most is the people here, always friendly and hospitable.

I wish I could continue contributing myself to Chinese society in the same way.


French Teacher – Fred

Bonjour! Coming from Western France, I have been living in Wuhan for several years. I enjoy very much the Chinese way of life: the food, the culture for example the painting or the literature and the kindness of Chinese people, especially my students. I love travelling. My favorite places are Italy, Spain and the marvellous Hainan. I am fond of the sea because my home town is nearby the ocean. When I have time, I go to swim. I like biking too. I often go for a ride by the East Lake where the scenery is always amazing. I have great time in Wuhan and I hope you too. Salut!


Japanese Teacher 鳥居中

鳥居中 日语外教,懂中文(能够用双语熟练的进行会话教学)。长期来往于日中两国之间,一直从事日语教学及翻译工作。培养出了一批一批合格的学生。





Japanese Teacher 永利智夫





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