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Justin Trayl McCloud from Australia

In 2007, Justin came to Tangxia, Dongguan. He said that it was not easy to find a better western restaurant around the workplace. Now that 12 years have passed, he lamented the rapid development of Dongguan and shared his “Dongguan Story” to the audience. He said that there was still a lot of vacant land in Tangxia, but now buildings have been built. Dongguan feels like a warm community and can make friends everywhere. Currently, he works in a medical company and hopes that Dongguan will develop better and better.


Green from the United States

Ten years ago, Green from the United States decided to leave Xi’an to Dongguan. When Green’s parents learned of this, they shouted on the phone: “You must be crazy, why should you work in the “World Factory”. Ten years later, Green took his parents from the United States to Dongguan. At this time, Green’s parents exclaimed: “Dongguan is completely different from the city we imagined.”

Currently, Green has been a foreign teacher in Dongguan for 10 years. In his view, Dongguan is a city where people don’t want to leave when they come. It is as clean and beautiful as a garden. Although it is not as bustled as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it has been a great green city, and very good for living and working. That is the reason Green decided to settle in Dongguan.

Dongguan Expat

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