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Xidian University ESL Teaching Jobs

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Job Description
The School of Foreign Languages is seeking to appoint suitably qualified native Englishspeakers aslecturers. Successful applicants will teach courses in oral English, and a small selection of other related courses by mutual agreement. Teaching may be at undergraduate or postgraduate level depending on need and qualifications. The post will be based in Xi’an at two campuses connected by a dedicated coach service.

For a suitable candidate, the posts also offer the potential for other activities, such as conducting research, adapting teaching materials for publication, delivering specialist workshops, internationalization and more.

A contract will be offered for 1 year in the first instance, renewable by mutual agreement. The positions offer a comfortable salary of at least 6,000 RMB per month, depending on experience. Furnished accommodation is offered on-campus, with utilities managed by the University, though staff are free to arrange their own accommodation and receive a stipend. Flight costs, insurance and healthcare are also provided within reasonable limits.

Role Summary
You will design and deliver courses, including suitable assessments to determine students’ grades. You will support students through holding weekly office hours, and may occasionally be asked to provide guidance or specialist support to students or colleagues for external competitions and similar events. You will participate in the broader provision of English and Western Studies by agreement, such as occasional lectures, workshops, and cultural activities.

Teaching Workload:
Generally 6 face-to-face classes, i.e. 12 teaching periods (45 minutes for each period) should be delivered to students every week. This will normally consist of 2-3 distinct courses, each delivered to one or more groups of students. You will design and prepare classes according to your own syllabus or one agreed by the department responsible for the course.

Elective Workload:
You will also be expected to participate in additional activities agreed with the School, based on your skills, interests and the needs of the University. Such activities might include:hosting a weekly English salon;office hours open to all Xidianstudents; delivering public lectures and workshops; organizing cultural activities relevant to the School; coaching debate and public speaking teams; or other activities in support of the School.

Class size:
Class sizes vary by level and subject. Language classes are typically 20-30 students who major in English or Translation, or 30-45 students who are non-language majors. Culture courses may have classes of up to 70 students.

Courses Taught:
Previous courses have included:Oral English, Public Speaking, Introduction to Western Cultures, English Writing, Newspaper Reading, British and American Literature, British and American Culture, Introduction to Western Civilization, Introduction to Linguistics, Western Film and similar topics.

Beyond the responsibilities of the post, the School is keen to encourage our lecturers to develop. There will be opportunities for interested candidates to pursue relevant research. Funding is available to support refinement of teaching materials into textbooks for publication. Chinese lessons are available, and staff are encouraged to attend lectures from other academics and to participate in University activities.

Required Qualifications:
1. a native speaker of English
2. any one of the following:
(a) ?a bachelor’s degree or higher in English language literature, linguistics, or education
(b) ?a bachelor’s degree or higher in other disciplines as well as a TEFL or TESOLcertificate
(c) ?a bachelor’s degree or higher in other disciplines as well as at least 2 years of language teaching experience

1. The monthly salary is from 6,000-9,000 RMB, depending on the candidate’s qualifications and years of service,paid on the first week of each month for 12 months.
2. An additional payment of 80-100RMB per teaching period for optional workload.
3. Accommodation in one of the following forms:
(a) ?free accommodation—a spacious, well-furnished on-campusapartment; reimbursementfor all utility bills; computer, printer and free Internet access;land-phone and reimbursement of phone bill up to 50 RMB per month; or
(b) ?2,500-3,000 RMB stipend for renting an apartment (2 bedrooms) off campus with utilities covered. Office of International Cooperation will help to find an apartment.
4. The insurance plan includes life insurance, accident insurance, inpatient coverage, and no more than 5000 RMB outpatient cost in public hospitals.
5. Reimburse a round trip international airfare(Economy Class).

Contact person:
Tiantian Zou
Associate Professor
Director of International Cooperation Center School of Foreign Languages, Xidian University
Email: zou_tiantian@163.com
Cell Phone and Wechat: 13720433072

Xidian University ESL Jobs

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