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About School of Foreign Languages at South China University of Technology

The School of Foreign Languages of South China University of Technology was established in January 2002. Its predecessor was the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Section founded in 1952 and the Foreign Languages Department established in 1985. The School of Foreign Languages is one of the earliest three major liberal arts colleges in South China University of Technology. It is responsible for the business English major, Japanese major, foreign language and literature first-level master’s degree, translation professional degree master’s degree, second foreign language, and undergraduate and master’s degree. , Ph.D. public foreign language teaching tasks. The College consists of English Department, Japanese Department, Western Language Department, College English Teaching Department, Foreign Languages Graduate Department, MTI Education Center, Non-English Major Postgraduate Teaching Department, Foreign Language Training Center, Foreign Language and Culture Institute, Translation Institute, National College English. Speaking test South China University of Technology test center and the national college English 4th and 6th level examination points.

The school has a strong faculty, and now has 116 staff members, including 104 teachers, 12 party and government cadres and teaching assistants. Among the teachers, there are 17 professors, 30 associate professors and 39 doctors; the vast majority of teachers have experience in studying abroad, and there are 22 foreign teachers in the school;

In 2016, the College has 478 full-time students, including 369 undergraduates and 109 postgraduates.


Recruitment Notice

The School of Foreign Languages at the South China University of Technology (SCUT) seeks English lecturers for the coming academic year.

1. Full-Time Lecturers, preferably with an interest in business, finance, and marketing, for Business English majors. These students have varied career goals that include teaching, translation, entrepreneurship, law, journalism, and study for advanced degrees.
2. English Language Teachers focusing on writing and academic speaking for students in science and engineering programs, primarily at the graduate level.

Job Duties
All positions require 14-16 classroom hours per week, typically arranged on two or three days. Specific assignments vary, especially for the English Language Teachers, who are assigned to meet the needs of other academic departments. Additional service duties (requiring about two hours per week when classes are in session) may include conversation tutorials, participation in English Corner, or proofreading.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree and two years’ teaching experience. A master’s or Ph.D. in a relevant field is preferred for the Full-Time Lecturers. TESOL, TESL, or TEFL certificates are preferred for English Language Teachers. Candidates must demonstrate their commitment to excellence in teaching, comfort in classrooms where English is spoken as a foreign language, and sensitivity to intercultural exchange.

Salary and Benefits
Compensation is 7,500 CNY per month (9,000 for those with an advanced degree). The university reimburses foreign faculty for round-trip airfare, provides health insurance, and offers a furnished, on-campus apartment or a modest housing subsidy. Faculty have access to exercise facilities (for a slight fee), inexpensive meals (10-15 CNY) at campus canteens, and Chinese classes at the university.

Candidates must obtain or extend their work permit in order to be eligible for these positions. Newcomers must successfully apply for a single-entry Z visa before entering the People’s Republic; any Chinese tourist visa they held previously will be cancelled. Once faculty have entered the country, they must remain until they obtain their work and residence permits, a process that takes about a month. Student volunteers and the Foreign Teachers’ Office will assist faculty in this process, but faculty are responsible for any fees.

Documents Required
Requirements for certification as a foreign expert and work permit in the People’s Republic of China are subject to change, but currently request:
1. Passport with at least one year’s validity and two blank visa pages (having more than the minimum is prudent)
2. Official application form and a CV in the required format (the school will help with translation into Chinese)
3. Verified college degree and work experience
4. English as a first language
5. Certificate of no criminal history
6. Good general health and absence of communicable diseases, confirmed by a physical examination within 5 days of arrival
7. Age older than 18 and no more than 59

The academic year runs from September to mid-July and makes provisions for Chinese holidays only. There is a break between terms that typically begins in mid-January and continues through February. Faculty are free to travel when classes are not in session, and the residence permit, once obtained, serves as a multiple-entry visa.

To apply, send a cover letter, CV, and three references to Inquires to this address in advance of an application are welcome. Review of applications and remote interviews of candidates will begin on 1 March 2018 and will continue until the positions are filled. Couples are welcome to apply.

South China University of Technology English Lecturer Jobs

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