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Introduction to Ningbo University

Ningbo University (NBU) is an uprising comprehensive university that has grown up in the reform and opening up. It is a university built jointly by Zhejiang Province, the Ministry of Education and Ningbo. It is a university jointly established by the State Oceanic Administration and Ningbo City, and is also a key university in Zhejiang Province.

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Ningbo University

Ningbo University ESL Jobs

School of Foreign Languages of NBU

There are more than 140 teachers in the School of Foreign Languages of Ningbo University, including 21 professors, 40 associate professors, 41 doctors, nearly 100 overseas returning teachers, and more than 100 masters and above.

The College has English Department, Japanese Department, German Department, and University Foreign Language Teaching Department. There are 3 undergraduate majors in English, Japanese and German. The English major is a national specialty and a Zhejiang specialty. The Japanese major is a key specialty in Ningbo.

The college also cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to build the “Foreign Language and Culture and Ningbo Internationalization Development Strategy Research Center”. In addition, the college also has the Zhejiang Translation Institute.

The college currently has more than 1,300 full-time students, including more than 300 graduate students and more than 1,000 undergraduates. A number of students won prizes in various English, Japanese, and German competitions. Six students were selected as volunteers for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, and seven students were selected as volunteers for the Guangzhou Asian Games. The college actively organizes students to carry out foreign language drama special performances, English speech and debate contests, foreign mini-reports, foreign language corners and other activities to create a campus culture atmosphere with foreign language college characteristics.

The School of Foreign Languages has continuously strengthened its external contacts and exchanges. It has established cooperation and exchanges with Delaware State University, Purdue University, Swedish Christian University, Hiroshima University, Utsunomiya University, and Iwate University.


ningbo university logoRecruitment Notice

Foreign English Language Teacher

I. Basic Requirement:
Native English Speakers with at least a Bachelor’s Degree; Teaching experience in relevant field and certificates like TEFOL/TESL are preferred.

II. Contract Length:
One academic year, contract renewed yearly.

III. Course Description:
Oral English, speaking and listening, writing, literature and other relevant courses

IV. Workload & Salary:
Satisfactory salaries will be offered as long as you are qualified for the teaching. Will offer
around RMB 10,000 as a monthly salary to each foreign teacher (a Doctoral Degree holder and rich in teaching experience);
around RMB 8,000 as a monthly salary to each foreign teacher (a Master Degree holder and rich in teaching experience);
around RMB 6,000 as a monthly salary to each foreign teacher (a Bachelor Degree & TESOL or TEFL holder).
The salary includes the total teaching hours up to 16 hours per week. Each extra teaching hour above 16 hours per week will be paid RMB 200 or over.

If the overall performance of the foreign teachers is excellent and he/she is willing to renew the contract with the university, the salary will increase by 10% during the period of the second year’s contract. The foreign teachers who renew the contract with the university will be also entitled to two-month paid summer holiday.

V. Other Welfares:
1. A well-furnished flat on campus;
2. Medical Insurance within the contract;
3. A flight ticket allowance of RMB 10,000 when the contract expires;
4. Domestic travel expenses of RMB 2,000 when the contract expires;
5. RMB 200 each for the Chinese traditional festivals of Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Chinese New Year.

VI. Application Processes
1. We shall need three English teachers,two Japanese teachers and two German teachers
2. Application documents (You may email us):
(1) Resume (including full name, nationality, gender, date of birth, marital status, educational background and working experience)
(2) Academic degree certificates
(3) Copy of the passport
(4) Two reference letters (at least one letter is from your present employer)
(5) 4 passport-sized photos (You may provide them after your arrival at the University.)
(6) Place of issue for a visa (like California, or other places.)
(7) Port of entry to China (like Shanghai or Beijing, etc.)
(8) Emergency contact person (including name, cell phone number and E-mail)
(9) Detailed post address
(10) Name and birthday of your spouse if he/she accompanies with you
(11) Recent health certificate
(12) Certificate of non-criminal record
Note: All teachers have to accept Physical Examination in China before work. A teacher with infectious disease is not allowed to teach.

Contact Information
Mr. Tony Xu (Head of International Office, FFL)
Tel: +86-188 9262 8780; 133 5595 0007

International Office, Faculty of Foreign Languages
Ningbo University
Ningbo, Zhejiang Province 315211
P. R. China

Ningbo University ESL Jobs

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Useful Information

1. For most recent job openings at Ningbo University, please follow NBU Recruit.
2. For other job openings, please follow ISAC Job Board.
3. For work visa, follow Work Visa Application process.


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