University ESL Teaching Jobs in Harbin

University ESL Teaching Jobs in Harbin

City of Harbin


Introduction to Harbin

Harbin, also called Ice City, is the capital city of Heilongjiang Province, the sub-provincial city, and the core city of Harbin Metropolitan Area. The State Council approved the important central cities in China’s northeast region and the important manufacturing bases of the country. As of 2018, the city has jurisdiction over 9 districts, 7 counties, and 2 county-level cities, with a total area of 53,100 square kilometers and a built-up area of 435.28 square kilometers. At the end of 2018, the total registered population was 9.515 million, accounting for the national land. 0.55% of the area, 0.7% of the country’s total population.

Harbin is located in the northeastern part of China and the central part of Northeast Asia. It is the political, economic and cultural center of northeastern China. It is known as the pearl of the Eurasian Continental Bridge and is the first important hub of the Eurasian Continental Bridge and the Air Corridor. The starting point of the Qi Industrial Corridor, the development of an open central city along the border of the national strategic positioning, the regional central city of Northeast Asia, and the “Cooperation Center City to Russia”.

Harbin is a famous historical and cultural city of the country. It is the birthplace of the “one country and two dynasties”, that is, the birthplace of the dynasty of the Jin and Qing dynasties. The first capital of the Jin Dynasty was located in the Acheng of Harbin, and the Qing dynasty ancestor Meng Muer was born in Harbin Yilan. Jinyuan Culture is spread all over the Northeast and promotes the whole country. It is a hot tourist city and a famous city of international ice and snow culture. It is known as “Ice City”, “Oriental Moscow” and “Oriental Little Paris”.

University ESL Teaching Jobs in Harbin


Universities in Harbin

1. Harbin Institute of Technology (211, 985, double first class)
Harbin Institute of Technology (video), affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has three campuses in Harbin, Weihai and Shenzhen. It is a national key for the coordinated development of science, engineering, management, culture, economics, law, and art. the University. In 1954, it entered the first batch of six universities in the country (the only one outside Beijing). It is the first undergraduate university in New China with five years of undergraduate studies, three years of postgraduate studies, and graduates directly awarded the title of engineer. Known as the cradle of engineers. (ESL Jobs)


2. Harbin Engineering University (211, double first class)
Harbin Engineering University (video) was identified as a national key university by the State Council in 1978. It was the first batch of doctors and masters degree granting units, and the first batch of “211 Projects” key construction universities; in 2002, it was approved to establish graduate schools; in 2007, by the original national defense The Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of Education, Heilongjiang Province, and the Navy were jointly established; in 2011, it became the national “985 Project” Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform Project to build colleges and universities; in 2017, it was selected as “Double-Class” to build colleges and universities; “An important talent training and scientific research base in the field of shipbuilding, naval equipment, marine development, and nuclear energy applications.”


3. Northeast Forestry University (211, double first class)
Northeast Forestry University (video), the predecessor of the Northeast Forestry College, was founded in 1952. It was established on the basis of the Forestry Department of Zhejiang University Agricultural College and the Forestry Department of Northeast Agricultural College. In 1985, it was renamed Northeast Forestry University and is a university directly under the Ministry of Education of Heilongjiang Province. A multi-disciplinary national key university featuring forestry engineering, combining agriculture, science, engineering, economics, management, literature, law, medicine and art. In October 2005, it was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education to become the key construction school of the “211 Project”. In September 2017, it was listed by the State Council as a national first-class discipline building university.


4. Harbin University of Science and Technology
Harbin University of Science and Technology is located in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, is the national “Central and Western University Basic Capacity Building Project” affiliated universities. The university has become a university with a combination of science and engineering, economics, management, philosophy, literature, law, education, and art. It is is approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit foreign students with rights to offer scholarships. It is also the second artillery national defense entrusted by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.


5. Heilongjiang University
Heilongjiang University (video) is located in Harbin, the northern part of the ice city. The school was formerly the Russian team of the third branch of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political University established in Yanan in 1941. The Ministry of Education, the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau and the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government have jointly established universities, the China-Russia University Alliance, the main members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University, the “One Belt and One Road” Think Tank Cooperation Alliance, and the “Double-Class” Construction of Class A Universities in Heilongjiang Province. The disciplines are extremely comprehensive and cover a wide range of professions. Since the founding of the school, Heilongjiang University has trained 210,000 senior professionals for the national diplomatic, military, economic, trade, science and technology, culture, education and other fields.

6. Harbin Medical University
Founded in 1926, Harbin Medical University (video) is located in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. It is one of the key universities for the construction of basic capacity building projects in the central and western universities, and one of the key universities for the education of outstanding doctors. It is a key high-level university in Heilongjiang Province. University, Heilongjiang Province Higher Medical Education Research Base and Clinical Medicine Master’s Degree Postgraduate Training Model Reform Pilot universities, central and western universities, basic capacity building projects, key universities, and doctors’ education training programs.

7, Harbin University of Commerce
Harbin University of Commerce was founded in 1952 and is a multi-disciplinary business university. It has 22 colleges, 2 research institutes of commercial economy and commercial engineering, and 61 undergraduate majors covering eight university disciplines including economics, management, engineering, law, literature, science, medicine and art. Approved by the Ministry of Education, undergraduate education began in 1958 and postgraduate education began in 1982. It is one of the ten universities under construction in Heilongjiang Province. It is the national “Central and Western University Basic Capacity Building Project” construction college and also a Sino-Russian economic university. Alliance member.

8. Northeast Petroleum University
Northeast Petroleum University is located in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. It was founded in 1960. It is a university with a focus on engineering, and coordinated development of engineering, science, management, culture, economics, law, education and art. The school covers an area of 1,691,300 square meters, of which the Qinhuangdao campus covers an area of 332,800 square meters. The total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment exceeds 580 million yuan. It has a 10G campus network, a library of 2,500,500 books, 16 data resources, and a national university science park. The school recruits students from 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions). There are 23,848 full-time students, including 15,478 undergraduates, 5,600 undergraduates, 2,404 postgraduates, and 366 doctoral students.

9. Harbin Normal University
Harbin Normal University, located in China’s Ice City – Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, is a public general undergraduate higher education institution in the public province. It is a key university in Heilongjiang Province, and the Ministry of Education’s “Excellent Teacher Training Program” focuses on building universities with Ph.D. Granting rights. From 1986 to 2013, Harbin Normal University won 208 provincial and ministerial level scientific research awards in social sciences; from 2002 to 2011, it won 165 outstanding achievements in humanities and social science research in Heilongjiang Province….

10. Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology
Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology is the only university with characteristics of mining engineering in Heilongjiang, Jilin and even Inner Mongolia. It is a joint university of Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government and the State Administration of Work Safety. It is an excellent university for the evaluation of teaching work level of the Ministry of Education. The only university in the special-purpose “Crystal Accident Emergency Rescue and Impact Control” PhD level talent training project is the post-doctoral research station of the first-level discipline of safety science and engineering. It is the key construction of Heilongjiang during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. Featured application-oriented undergraduate colleges.

University ESL Teaching Jobs in Harbin

University ESL Teaching Jobs in Harbin

Harbin Institute of Technology ESL Jobs

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University ESL Teaching Jobs in Harbin

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