University ESL Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou

University ESL Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou

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University ESL Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou

Introduction to Guangzhou

Guangzhou, referred to as “Sui”, nicknamed Yangcheng and Huacheng, is the capital city of Guangdong Province, the sub-provincial city, the national central city, the super-large city, and the important central city, international trade center and comprehensive transportation hub identified by the State Council. By 2018, the city has 11 districts with a total area of 7,434 square kilometers, a built-up area of 1249.11 square kilometers, a resident population of 19,940,400, an urban population of 1,284,400, and an urbanization rate of 86.38%.

Located in the south of China, bordering on the South China Sea and the northern edge of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou is the headquarters of the Southern China Theater Command, a national comprehensive gateway city, the first coastal open city, the southern gateway to China’s world, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District, Pan The central city of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone and the hub city of the Belt and Road.

University ESL Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou

Universities in Guangzhou

1. Sun Yat-sen University (211,985,double first class)
Sun Yat-Sen University was founded by Mr. Sun Yat-sen and has a tradition of more than 100 years. As a university directly under the Ministry of Education of China, Sun Yat-sen University has become a first-class, internationally renowned modern comprehensive university. The school has 19 subject areas to enter the top 1% of the ESI world, the number of subject areas is second only to Peking University, and Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University ranks second in domestic universities, 14 of which are in the top 0.5%, 2 subjects The field entered the first 0.1%. In the fourth round of national level assessment, the school participated in 50 disciplines, and the number of A subjects (A+, A, A-) was 14.


2. South China University of Technology (211,985,double first class)
South China University of Technology is located in Guangzhou and is the first “National Civilized Campus”. In 1960, it became a national key university; in 1981, it was approved by the State Council as the first batch of doctoral and master’s degree-granting units; in 1993, it was the first in the province’s first university to open a province; in 1995, it entered the ranks of “211 Project”; in 2001, it entered the “985 Project”. “The ranks; in 2017, he was selected as a “double-class” building list of Class A colleges and universities, and ranked 20th-300th in the “World University Academic Rankings” in 2018.


3.Jinan University (211,double first class)
As one of the oldest universities in China, Jinan University is known as the “highest university of overseas Chinese”. Jinan University has an important position in the history of higher education in China: the first overseas Chinese university founded by the state, one of the 100-year-old universities that has been used in the school name, the first batch of colleges that have passed the credit system in China, and the first medical school in a comprehensive university. The university was the first university to set up an overseas Chinese research institution, and the first university to establish a business.


4.South China Normal University (211,double first class)
South China Normal University was founded in 1933. It was formerly the Guangdong Normal University Teachers College. In 1996, he entered the national “211 Project” key construction university. In 2015, he became the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education to build a university. In the same year, he entered the ranks of high-level universities in Guangdong Province. In 2017, the school entered the national “world-class discipline” construction. Ranks. The subject layout covers 12 categories of philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art.


5.South China Agricultural University (211)
South China Agricultural University is a national key university, the “211 Project” University jointly established by Guangdong Province and the Ministry of Agriculture, and a key university in Guangdong Province. The school has formed a new mode of talent training with Ding Ying’s innovation class as the breakthrough point, with the main minor, double degree and international joint education as the main line, based on the platform plus module, and the hierarchical and diversified talent training; The implementation of the graduate education innovation program has achieved remarkable results. In 2014, he was awarded the “National Graduate Employment Experience University” by the Ministry of Education. In 2018, it was identified by the Ministry of Education as a pilot university for comprehensive reform of “three full education”.


6, Southern Medical University
Southern Medical University, founded in 1951, the former First Military Medical University of the People’s Liberation Army, Guangdong Province, the construction of high-level medical colleges, the Ministry of Education “excellent doctor education training program” implementation of universities, Guangdong Province “211 Project” colleges, provinces It is a key university and is jointly built by Guangdong Province, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and the Ministry of Education. The school has 19 teaching institutions and 35 undergraduate majors, which are open to students from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and Hong Kong and Macao.


7. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, referred to as Guangwai, is located in Guangzhou City, which has the reputation of “Flower City”. The school was selected as “2011 Plan” and “Asian University Student Exchange Collective Action Plan” (Asia Campus Program), which provides high-end translation talents to the United Nations. One of the 19 universities in the world, one of the founding units of the national international economics and trade discipline, and a member of the International Association of Translation Colleges, is the Guangdong province of international talent training and foreign language and culture, foreign economic and trade, and international strategic research. Key universities. The predecessor of the school is the Guangzhou Foreign Languages Institute and the Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade.


Guangzhou University Logo

8. Guangzhou University
Guangzhou University is a comprehensive university named after the “Guangzhou”, a national central city. It was merged in 2000 and has a tradition of more than 90 years. The school firmly grasps the state to promote the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines, as well as the construction opportunities of high-level universities in Guangdong and Guangzhou, adheres to the international academic frontier, faces the major strategic needs of the country, and faces the national and regional economic and social needs. The university’s key discipline construction projects are colleges and universities, the “Chongqing first-class” key disciplines are built, and the high-level universities in Guangzhou are building colleges and universities.


9. Guangdong University of Technology
Guangdong University of Technology is a provincial key university with a focus on engineering, engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, and art. It is a key university in Guangdong Province during the Ninth Five-Year Plan and the Tenth Five-Year Plan period. The provincial 211–Guangdong Province “211 Project” colleges and one of the key universities in Guangdong Province’s high-level universities are the outstanding undergraduate teaching evaluation schools of the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Education’s “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” universities. In June 1995, the former Guangdong Institute of Technology, Guangdong Machinery College and South China Construction College (Dongyuan) merged to form Guangdong University of Technology.


10. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine was founded in 1956. The foundation of the establishment of the school was the Guangdong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which was established in 1924. It is one of the first four Chinese medicine institutions established in New China. It was directly under the Ministry of Health and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The leadership of the bureau was transferred to the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government in 2000. In 2017, it was selected into the first batch of national “double-class” disciplines to build colleges and universities. In 2018, it entered the high-level university construction unit in Guangdong Province. It is one of the two Chinese medicine universities with first-level disciplines and national key disciplines. Provincial colleges and universities.

University ESL Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou

University ESL Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou

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University ESL Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou

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