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Introduction to Eduhope Shenzhen

Eduhope International Management Ltd (Eduhope Shenzhen, website) was established in Shenzhen, China on July 24, 2013.

The company was originally based in Birmingham England, and was established in July 2012 with the original team consisting of three professors, three doctors and one post graduate. In 2013 Eduhope has set up its branch in Shenzhen, China and registered the right of trade mark of “Eduhope Education”.

Eduhope Shenzhen has kept carrying out the active practice of education internationalizing, broadening the vision of English education in China. They undertake a series of exchange programs among primary and middle schools in China and UK. The core businesses are composed of input and management of international courses, summer and winter camps in UK, China-UK sister schools, international exchange students, and consultation of school management. The research team of Eduhope has gained knowledge from the advanced education concept in UK education systems and native English teaching methods, and developed B&A Phonics Curriculum according to the diversity of Chinese students. This set can be adopted to all the international courses in primary and middle schools, aiming to help Chinese pupils to have a delightful journey of learning English. It also has won plenty of praise from schools and the industry.

The company’s business scope includes: education consulting, education projects, courses, teaching materials research and development, English training, minor language training, education training, calligraphy training, vocal training, dance training, international cultural exchanges, event planning, conference affairs Event planning, English translation, sports event planning, football, basketball, badminton, rugby training, etc.


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