2019 New Year’s Party at Henan Normal University

On the evening of December 28th, the School of International Education held the 2019 New Year’s party on the ideological platform. Li Qiufa, Head of the School of International Education, deputy secretary Liu Haitao, and more than 300 teachers and students attended the party.     About Henan Normal University […]

JUFE Won the Top in Internationalization Education in Jiangxi Province

2018. Dec 28th “Ranking Published of the Internationalization level of Undergraduate Education in Jiangxi Province: JUFE Won the Top in a Fourth Year” Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education published the rank of the internationalization level of undergraduate education in Jiangxi Province on December 17th, 2018. This is the fourth time […]

International Festival in JXNU

2018. Nov 17 On 15th November 2018 evening, the international culture festival was held inthe theater of Xian Su building. Tian YanGuang, the secretary of the university, attended and encouraged international students to study professional knowledge, learn about Chinese tradition and culture as well as make positive contributions to promote […]

Chang’an University International Culture Festival

2018. Nov. 5th On October 29, the 3rd International Cultural Festival of Chang’an University was held at Shuhuiyuan Square, Shushui Campus, Chang’an University.   The theme of this year’s International Cultural Festival is “Gather in the Heart of Silk Road—Chang’an”. Participants include thousands of Chinese and foreign teachers and students […]

USTC Foreign Teachers Explore the City

2018. Oct. 30th On Oct 27th, the Office of International Cooperation (OIC) and English Practice Center (EPC) co-organized a one-day trip around Hefei city called “Explore the City”, which is a journey for foreign language teachers to explore and taste the charm of Chinese history and culture through Anhui province. […]

Nobel Laureate Roger Kornberg Came to NCU for Academic Exchange

2018. Sept. 30th On the noon of September 13, Nobel Laureate Roger Kornberg, Professor of Stanford University, and Professor Charles Brenner, Biochemistry Chief Scientist of University of Iowa, came to Nanchang University for academic report on invitation. The report was presided over by Vice President Li Baoming.   Prof. Roger […]

Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert Held In HNU

2018. Sept 29th The Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert, hosted by the Youth League Committee and the Student Union, was held at the West Campus Field.   The moon conveys blessings and the music touches to the youth. On the evening of September 24th, the Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert hosted by the Youth […]