Donghai Primary School Affiliated to SFLS

  About Donghai Primary School Donghai Primary School Attached to Shenzhen Foreign Language School (website:, founded in 2000 and located on the west side of Xiangmi Lake of Shenzhen, is a modern, state owned, private elementary school with a beautiful campus, complete facilities, top level teachers and other distinctive characteristics. Shenzhen Foreign Language School […]

Primary School Affiliated to South China Normal University

About The Affiliated Elementary School of South China Normal University Hengda Nanhai School (herein referred to as “Hengda” website: is located in Lishui Town, Nanhai District. It is a full-time privately-run funded by Evergrande Real Estate Group with a total investment of over 70 million yuan. primary school. The school covers an area of […]

No. 3 High School of Nanchang

  Introduction to No. 3 High School of Nanchang No. 3 High School of Nanchang (website: is the first batch of Provincial Level Key High School in Jiangxi Province. The school has always adhered to the spirit of “diligence, simplicity, loyalty and courage” and has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for the nation. […]

Shaoxing Foreign Language School

  Introduction to Shaoxing Foreign Language School Shaoxing Foreign Language School (website: is a non-profitable private school founded by local non-governmental force while under the superintendence of Shaoxing Education Bureau. It offers high school education ranging from Grade Seven to Grade Twelve, and is committed to cultivating outstanding students who aim to attend prestigious […]

Ji’an No.1 High School

About Ji’an No.1 High School (website: is a key middle school in Jiangxi Province, located at No. 84 Yanjiang Road, Jizhou District, Ji’an City. The campus is full of trees, green grass and quiet environment. It is an ideal place to study. The school covers an area of 168 acres and the school building […]

Bailuzhou Senior Middle School

About Bailuzhou Senior Middle School (website:, one of the key and the first model senior middle schools in JiangXi province, was originally established in 1241 under the name of “Bailuzhou Academy”, which has the longest history in successive education in china till now. Thousands of people with lofty ideals and celebrities have sprung up […]

Jiaxing Experimental Primary School

  About Jiaxing Experimental Primary School Jiaxing Experimental Primary School (website: was founded in September 1905. Its predecessor was the “Daoqian Street Primary School” founded by Ms. Wang Yuqing, followed by “Jiaxing County Third Primary School”, “Jiaxing County Jixian Primary School” and “Jiaxiu Town Central national school”. It was renamed as “Jiaxing Construction Center […]