You Actually Save More Teaching in a Small City in China

French Language Teacher Yann’s Salary and Saving Teaching in China can be a money saver for foreign teachers. But have you thought about teaching in a small city could save you more than that in a tier 1 city like Beijing and Shanghai? That sounds untrue by instinct but for […]

How Much Can You Save Teaching in China?

(Read our friend Richelle’s full article at It’s the question that all prospective teachers are wondering: how much can I really save teaching abroad? A high salary is great, but if you’re living in an expensive country, your cash isn’t going to stretch as far as it might in a […]

How is an ESL teacher’s tax calculated in China?

It is your duty to pay tax when living and working in a country, even in foreign country. So how is your tax calculated in China? The tax system in China is relatively complicated for newcomers to understand. How is the tax calculated? If your salary is lower than 4,800 […]

Cost of Living in Tier 1 Cities in China

The cost of living in China really depends on the city in which you live (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen for example are much more expensive than tier 2 or 3 cities such as Fuzhou or Kunming, which in turn are more expensive than smaller cities and countryside) and your lifestyle. […]