Xiamen Expat

Xiamen Expat French Chef in Xiamen Work and Study in Xiamen Foreigners in Xiamen Celebrating Chinese New Year   About Xiamen City Website City Panorama Photos   Xiamen Expats Gregory from Bordeaux, France said “Xiamen, my second hometown”. Many citizens have been guests of Gregory. He runs a French restaurant on the bank of Yundang …

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Fuzhou Expat

Fuzhou Expat Fuzhou Food Tour Work and Study in Fuzhou Foreign Soccer Team in Fuzhou   Fuzhou Restaurant Owner   About Fuzhou City Website City Panorama Photos   Fuzhou Expats Cody from Canada “I chose to come to Fuzhou because it is not cold and it is near the sea, which is great,” said Cody …

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Changzhou Expat

Changzhou Expat David from USA (Video) Changzhou Expat Video This is Changzhou 1 This is Changzhou 2 This is Changzhou 3   About Changzhou Expats City Gov City Panorama City Gallery   Teaching Program ISAC Teach in China Program ISAC University Teaching Program Job Vacancy   Related to City of Changzhou

Qingdao Expat

Qingdao Expat Qingdao Expat   About Qingdao Expat City Gov City Panorama City Gallery   Statistics show that foreigners in Qingdao come from more than 40 countries and regions, and there are many Korean, Japanese and Americans. There are now about 2,000 Japanese and 500 Americans working in Qingdao, and Shinan District is the …

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Huizhou Expat

Huizhou Expat About Huizhou City Website City Panorama Photos   City of Huizhou (English) Huizhou City There are more than 3,600 foreign-funded enterprises in Huizhou Since the reform and opening up, after more than 30 years of development, Huizhou has more than 3,600 foreign-funded enterprises, which are the main force in the development of Huizhou’s …

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Zhanjiang Expat Video

Zhanjiang Expat About Zhanjiang City Website City Panorama Photos   Zhanjiang Expat Video City of Zhanjiang On the campus of Guangdong Lingnan Normal College, Cart, a foreign teacher from Philadelphia in the United States, looked very “different”. Cart is short, dark skinned, and often wears jerseys and sneakers. Cart is very easy-going. He told reporters, …

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Shenyang Expat Video

Shenyang Expat City Website City Panorama Photos   Chongqing Expat Video Shenyang Expat   Shenyang Expat Five years ago, Francisco and his wife came to Shenyang to live and work with their two children, and gradually fell in love with this vibrant and fast-growing city. “The reason why I chose to return to Shenyang with …

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