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Zhanjiang Expat Video

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On the campus of Guangdong Lingnan Normal College, Cart, a foreign teacher from Philadelphia in the United States, looked very “different”. Cart is short, dark skinned, and often wears jerseys and sneakers.

Cart is very easy-going. He told reporters, “One of the important reasons why I chose to teach in China was that I liked the scenery of China very much, and my favorite was the Great Wall.”

Cart said that after coming to China, he fell in love with the food here, especially the seafood in Zhanjiang. “I like Zhanjiang Crab the most. Zhanjiang is the capital of Chinese seafood.”

According to Cart, he came to Lingnan Normal University to teach in 2009 and had previously been in a middle school in Guangzhou. For Chinese students, Cart’s first impression is introverted and quiet. He said, “U.S. students are always able to talk in class, and the pressure to study is not as great as that of Chinese students. They play music or do some part-time jobs in their spare time, and are very social. Chinese students are very good at learning. , But rarely engage in social practice. I hope Chinese students will not only learn to learn, but also learn to play.”

Near the end of the interview, Cart told reporters affectionately that he hopes to take his family to settle in China one day because he likes China very much and he has regarded China as his second motherland.

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