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Shenyang Expat

Five years ago, Francisco and his wife came to Shenyang to live and work with their two children, and gradually fell in love with this vibrant and fast-growing city. “The reason why I chose to return to Shenyang with the whole family is because we believe that the future development of Shenyang will be very good.” Francisco said. Francisco has visited many countries, and he has his own knowledge of every city where he has lived and lived. “Shenyang is an international metropolis. The people of Shenyang are very hard-working and aggressive.”

A fast-growing city can provide more development opportunities and retain more talents. The MYP course is the IB Middle School Program of the International Baccalaureate Organization. The Shenyang School for Children of Canadian Expatriates, where Dr. Francisco is located, is an IB full-stage world school. Its academic qualifications are widely recognized by major universities in the world. That gave him great confidence in the education work in Shenyang. He also further said: “At present, Shenyang is going all out to introduce international education concepts and talents. This is why foreign teachers like me come to Shenyang.”


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