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Henan University of Chinese Medicine

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Introduction to Henan University of Chinese Medicine

Henan University of Chinese Medicine (河南中医药大学), founded in 1958, is one of the earlier institutions of higher learning in Chinese medicine in the country. The school is located in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou. There are four campuses, namely Longzihu Campus, Dongming Road Campus, Renmin Road Campus, and Dongfeng Road Campus, covering an area of 1549.94 acres. The building area is 623,400 square meters, and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 497 million yuan. It is a university jointly established by the Henan Provincial People’s Government and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the National Midwest Higher Education Revitalization Plan University, the Ministry of Education Chinese Government Scholarship Cultivation University, the Ministry of Education’s “5 + 3” integrated admissions college, and the state Chinese medicine international cooperation base, doctorate authorized unit, provincial civilized unit. It is the leader and center of Henan Province’s Chinese medicine talent training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, international exchanges and cooperation.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine currently has a basic medical school, a college of pharmacy, a first clinical medical school, a second clinical medical school, a school of orthopedics, a third clinical medical school, an acupuncture and massage school, a nursing school, a rehabilitation medical school, and a management school. 16 colleges (departments), including the Foreign Languages College, the Information Technology College, the International Education College, the Continuing Education College, the Marxism College, and the Ministry of Physical Education and Research. The school recruits students from 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas. There are currently more than 20,000 regular full-time students, including more than 1,900 doctoral and graduate students and 164 international students. Henan University of Chinese Medicine has 1536 faculty members and 1175 full-time teachers. There are 584 master supervisors and 80 doctoral supervisors. There are 3 masters of Chinese medicine, 1 leader in the National Ten Thousand-Year Plan for Ten Million Projects, 3 national candidates for the Ten Thousand Talents Project, and 4 Qihuang scholars in the “Ten Thousand” Talent Project (Qihuang Project) for inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine. There are 3 famous Chinese medicine practitioners in the country, 2 teaching masters of Chinese medicine colleges and 2 Central Plains scholars. 40 experts with special allowances from the State Council government; 11 experts with special allowances from the Henan Provincial Government; 72 instructors who enjoy the academic experience and succession of famous old Chinese medicine experts; 21 excellent clinical talents of traditional Chinese medicine; 3 outstanding professional and technical talents from Henan , 1 “Central Plains Science and Technology Innovation Leader”, 1 “Central Plains Famous Teacher”, 1 “Central Plains Famous Doctor”, 1 “Central Plain Natural Science and Engineering Technology Young Talent”. There are 6 specially-appointed professors in Henan Province, 7 teaching teachers in Henan Province, and 33 outstanding experts in Henan Province; 20 winners of the Henan Lifelong Achievement Award for Traditional Chinese Medicine; 31 provincial names of Traditional Chinese Medicine, provincial academic technology leaders and provincial cross-century academic technology leaders 33 people; 92 academic leaders in department-level academic technology; 15 people for the training of Chinese traditional medicine technology inheritance talents; 96 candidates for provincial young key teacher training programs; Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents Support Program; 119 people.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine includes Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage, clinical medicine of traditional Chinese and western medicine, nursing, pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations, preventive medicine, pharmaceutical engineering, traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, biological engineering, marketing, public service management, English , Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information System, Cultural Industry Management, Applied Psychology, Rehabilitation Therapy, Chinese Medicine Resources and Development, Chinese International Education, Medical Testing Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, Software Engineering, Traditional Chinese Medicine Pediatrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine Health There are 32 undergraduate majors such as science, clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation, health service and management, traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics, food hygiene and nutrition, sports rehabilitation, and one second degree in applied psychology. At present, there are 24 key disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1 dominant and characteristic discipline of Henan Province, and 9 first-level disciplines of Henan Province. There are 4 state-level colleges and universities specialty specialty construction sites, 2 state-level “professional comprehensive reform pilot projects”, 7 provincial colleges and universities specialty specialty construction sites, 1 state-level college experimental teaching demonstration center, and 1 state-level college student Off-campus practice education base, 2 pilot reforms of national outstanding doctors (traditional Chinese medicine) education training plan, 3 state-level excellent video public courses, 10 provincial “professional comprehensive reform pilot” projects, 8 provincial-level colleges and universities outstanding teaching teams , 8 provincial colleges and universities experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 18 provincial excellent courses, 9 provincial excellent resource sharing courses, 7 provincial excellent video public courses, 4 provinces Level bilingual teaching demonstration courses.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine has two first-level disciplines authorized by doctorates in Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and has doctoral degree professional degrees for traditional Chinese medicine. There are Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, pharmacy, basic medicine, clinical medicine, and Marxism. There are 9 first-level disciplines authorized for master’s degrees in theory, nursing, and medical technology, and there are 6 master’s degree authorization places in Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, nursing, translation, public administration, and pharmacy. In 2003, it was approved by the Ministry of Education as a unit for jointly training doctoral students; in 2013, it was approved as a doctoral degree awarding unit by the Degree Committee of the State Council.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine has 3 directly affiliated hospitals that integrate teaching, medical treatment and scientific research, with more than 5,300 beds open. The annual outpatient volume reaches more than 5.1 million person-times, and the annual inpatients receive more than 130,000 person-times. The comprehensive medical service ranks among the top in the country’s hospitals. The affiliated hospitals pay attention to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and vigorously strengthen the construction of specialties and special diseases. There are 35 national key specialties (special diseases), 23 provincial key specialties, 2 national clinical research bases for traditional Chinese medicine, and national regional traditional Chinese medicine of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Specialties) There are 8 diagnosis and treatment centers and 1 national regional medical center in Henan Province, and the ability to guarantee health services has been significantly improved. The school has 9 non-directly affiliated hospitals, namely Luoyang Orthopaedic Hospital affiliated to Henan University of Chinese Medicine, Zhengzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Anyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Kaifeng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Liyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zhengzhou Large Intestine Disease Hospital, Luoyang No. There are 55 Chinese medicine hospitals, Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, Zhumadian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and other teaching practice hospitals. The construction of the medical consortium has been very fruitful. It has established cooperative relations with 143 brother hospitals and medical institutions, and expanded the cooperation framework. The First Affiliated Hospital was approved as Zhongjing Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine. The Second Affiliated Hospital established the “Western Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine”.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine insists on equal emphasis on teaching and research. There are 35 scientific research platforms above the provincial and ministerial level, including 1 international scientific and technological cooperation base of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 Chinese medicine international cooperation base of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2 national clinical research bases of Chinese medicine, and key research laboratories of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Two, six third-level laboratories of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one Henan Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center, five Henan Provincial Key Laboratories, one Henan Province International Joint Laboratory, three Henan Engineering Research Centers, and Henan Province 8 engineering technology research centers, 3 Henan Province engineering laboratories, 1 Henan Zhongchuang space, 1 Henan big data double innovation base, 1 Henan science popularization base, and the first batch of Zhongyuan Scholars and Scientists Studio , 1 Henan Province Outstanding Foreign Scientist Studio; 6 Department-level and above scientific research platforms; 3 Henan Province University Key Discipline Open Labs; 3 Zhengzhou Key Labs; School-level Institutes (Centers) and Research Offices 60 Each. The school has two experimental animal centers, two public scientific research platforms for the electron microscope center, and two medical and pharmacy sharing platforms. Relying on platforms such as the National Science and Technology Cooperation Base of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Base, and the Henan Provincial Key Laboratory, it has developed world-leading scientific research in the research and development of Zhongjing prescription medicine, the research of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of immune and allergic diseases, and AIDS The team carried out in-depth scientific and technological cooperation. We have strengthened the theoretical and applied research on major and difficult diseases, infectious diseases, and traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, as well as the standardization and modernization research of Henan authentic medicinal materials, and have achieved gratifying results through a lot of scientific research.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine won 66 teaching achievements at the provincial or ministerial level or above, including 2 at the national level and 64 at the provincial or ministerial level; won 1 item in the National Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Education and Teaching, and 1 item in the country’s first virtual teaching experiment project . Won 287 scientific research awards above provincial and ministerial level, including 1 first prize and 3 second prizes of national scientific and technological progress; 283 provincial and ministerial research awards; 611 national authorized patents, including 299 authorized invention patents; editor-in-chief There are 2466 academic monographs (translations). Published 44286 academic papers, which were included in 1896 by SCI, EI, ISTP, etc. In the past 5 years, the school has undertaken a total of 1,513 scientific research projects, including the National Science and Technology Support Plan, the National Science and Technology Major Project, the National Major New Drug Creation Science and Technology Project, and the National 973 Project 150 national-level projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Foundation of China, and the National Soft Science, 346 provincial and ministerial-level projects, and 1017 department-level projects.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine has carried out international cooperation and exchanges for nearly 40 years. At present, it has closely focused on the “internationally renowned and domestic first-class” work goal, and has extensively conducted talents with universities, scientific research and medical institutions, and enterprises in more than 50 countries and regions in the world. Cooperation and exchanges in training, scientific research, medical services, and product development. The international exchange and cooperation of Chinese medicine and the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative of international education of Chinese medicine have been further promoted. The enrollment of Zhongjing College in Malaysia and the Chinese-foreign cooperative education program of nursing undergraduate at the University of Siena in Italy have been approved. The “Chinese Medicine International Cooperation Base (Henan)” construction project was approved, and successfully passed the performance evaluation and acceptance of the Budget Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Finance. The Shaolin Wushu Vocational College of Songshan Shaolin Wushu Vocational School, which is jointly promoted with the National Chinese International Promotion of Shaolin Martial Arts, began to recruit students. . Significant results have been achieved in foreign aid work serving national diplomacy, and its position in the international cooperation industry has gradually increased. TCM Medical sent more than 20 key doctors and teachers to Ethiopia, Eritrea and other countries to provide medical assistance to Africa, and many “harmonious medical advanced individuals” emerged, which has won a good reputation in Henan Province. Efforts were made to promote Chinese medicine to go out along the “Belt and Road”, and actively contacted and coordinated the Provincial Foreign Affairs Service Center to set up the “Henan Provincial Foreign Affairs and Overseas Affairs Service Center Longzihu Office Hall” in our school, which greatly facilitated our teachers and students in going abroad. At the same time, our school is also actively exploring the introduction of foreign superior education resources, efficiently integrating the resources for running schools inside and outside the school, rationally configuring and vigorously promoting international development, and has formed significant characteristics and advantages. The source channels and number of international students coming to China have been increasing year by year, and the level has been continuously improved.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine established the “Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Education Development Foundation” and was successfully approved by the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and the National Taxation Bureau for non-profit organization tax exemption qualifications and pre-tax deduction qualifications for non-profit social organizations It provides convenient conditions for individual and corporate donations, and opens up a new model of cooperation between schools, government and enterprises. Registered as the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Alumni Association in Henan Province, it has established a platform for unity and common development for more than 100,000 alumni of the school. Signed with Zhumadian City People’s Government, Xuchang City People’s Government, Luoyang City People’s Government, Lushi County People’s Government, Luoning County People’s Government, Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hongri Group Kangrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Songshan Shaolin Temple Under the cooperation agreement, there are 14 demonstration bases for standardized planting of Chinese medicinal materials in Lu’s, Jiyuan, Xixia and other places. They have undertaken technical guidance tasks for more than 30 provinces and more than 700,000 mu of standardized planting bases of Chinese medicinal materials, driving nearly 300,000. Medicinal farmers get rich. It was awarded the title of “Advanced Unit of the Fourth Round of Civilized Units in Henan Province for Pairing and Assistance”, and it is the only civilized unit in the province to receive this honor.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine trains more than 100,000 talents of all kinds for the society. Among the graduates, a group of scientists, famous doctors, entrepreneurs, and management experts who have an important influence in the country emerged. Among the teachers, there have been Zhang Lei, one of the top ten figures of the year who “moved the Central Plains”, Li Fazhi, the first “Henan’s most beautiful doctor”, “China’s good doctor” Xu Liran, “Henan’s most beautiful teacher” Zhu Xianmin, and the first “National Moral Model”, The “Top Ten Chinese College Students of the Year”, “National Best Student Pacemaker”, “Chinese University Student Self-reliance Star Pacemaker” and other representatives touched the Central Plains and sang the advanced group of outstanding university students nationwide, demonstrating our school’s good education results.

Henan University of Chinese Medicine actively plays the role of cultural heritage and innovation, with the mission of inheriting traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and promoting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, with the goal of building a cultural brand of traditional Chinese medicine in the Central Plains, and strengthening the construction of a unique campus cultural landscape. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Botanical Garden, Human Science Museum, Traditional Chinese Medicine Source Culture Exhibition Hall, Medical Ethics Hall, and Central Plains Culture, Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, and Pharmaceutical Enterprise Culture Exhibition Hall, while satisfying the school’s teaching and scientific research, are open to society and actively promote and display the Chinese medicine culture to all walks of life. In recent years, it has received more than 50,000 Chinese and foreign enthusiasts of government departments, enterprises, institutions, colleges and universities, and elementary and middle school students. In June 2015, the school was named the first batch of “Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Propaganda and Education Base in Henan Province”, and in September of the same year was approved as the “National Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Propaganda and Education Base”, becoming the first university in China to receive this honor The unit. In June 2019, it was successfully approved as the “Practical Education Base for Primary and Secondary Schools in Henan Province”.


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